Tauba Auerbach and Cameron Mesirow with their tandem organ, Auerglass. Found this whilst looking through Tauba Auerbach's website at her typography pieces, such as Components, In Order. Beautifully minimalist. Outfits designed by Ida Falck Ă˜ien; geometric jewellery and interlocking shoes!



  • bloomers
  • lace trim shorts
  • woven bracelets
  • macrame bracelets
  • knitted crop
  • sheer skirt
  • blouse
  • beaded necklace


    stolen from shirley (part 1)

    It's difficult to admit that you are no longer a child. So I'm not going to, and am making sure nothing I don't want to get thrown by my Nana is sold at a car boot sale just yet. Also general stuff that I would be mad to not get my hands on.

    My two favourite doll dresses, probably will never come in handy and I never really played with them as a child. However, owl buttons.



    The Great Soft Cat and Kitten Book: I die inside whenever I flick through, and beautifully arranged Beatrix Potter toy making book. Click for full size scans of the pages.
    The doll clothes are the only things I have stolen so far that absolutely remind me of being little, plus they're hand made and I couldn't let them go. To be continued.


    Dazed & Confused 200th Issue: Bjork guest edit

    Mad reccommend the August edition of Dazed. Featuring gorgeous photoshoots and collaborations with Bjork about her work and influences. Also featuring one of my favourite installations by Roger Hiorns. Music, art, fashion and science.






    Click images for full size.


    customary hello

    Still using my tumblr for image collections, but my thoughts and 'proper' posts will end up here.
    Ate a lot of bread and pizza today to say goodbye to Lychee as he is going bye bye to Slovenia tomorrow.