intense sunday

This morning I inexplicably woke up at 6am after 4 hours sleep with a hangover, and decided not to waste my energy. Result: today I did a million things.
One of the things I did was drive to Woburn and root around Antiques 2 Go (which is every second Sunday of the month for anyone interested) as it's too early in the year for car boots.
Had to stop myself going nuts and spent my money mainly on these little bowls made in Austria, one for me, one for my mum. Beautiful colours, beautiful design. Also, each of them has a different name- mine is Liesl, and the other is Helena.

I bought some 45s from a really interesting man, including Vincent-Don McLean, Silence is Golden-The Tremeloes, and something by Medicine Head, and presents for some lucky people.
I have also cycled many miles, replied to loads of emails, and now I'm cooking a roast dinner TAKE THAT SUNDAY.

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